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Off the Shelf: Chapter 2 of 2
Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 2: "Career Change"
Liz glanced at her daughter in the back seat through the rearview mirror of her silver Subaru Outback. "So, have you named your little friends yet?"
"Yes." Chelsea held Skipper up. "This is Mr. Penguin." And then held up Marlene. "And this is Mrs. Penguin."
"No, no, sweetie. The brown one is an otter. Remember the story I told you in the gift shop?"
"I know she's an otter, Mom. But she changed her name when she got married."
"Married?" Liz said.
"Married?" Skipper and Marlene whispered.
"Mr. Penguin and Mrs. Penguin are madly in love." The child held Skipper and Marlene by the backs of their heads. "They kiss each other all day!" Beak and lips then collided repeatedly as she moved Skipper back and forth to smooch the otter as though he weren't a penguin but a woodpecker.
Liz laughed. "Well, you certainly have an interesting imagination." She thought for a moment and then t
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 3 1
Off the Shelf: Chapter 1 of 2
Off the Shelf
A Penguins of Madagascar fanfic
Chapter 1: "Operation: No More Foolish Risks"
It was a typical morning at the Central Park Zoo. The birds in the air were singing; their flightless cousins below were smiling and waving. Julien was kicking Mort off his feet; Alice had her feet on her desk. Mason and Phil were playing chess. Leonard was asleep. Marlene was out of her habitat and running toward the Zoovenir shop.
"Well, that's unusual," Private said as he saw Marlene duck behind a garbage can. She was about three-quarters of the way between her habitat and the Zoovenir shop entrance.
"I agree, Private," Skipper said, pointing at one of the visitors in front of the penguin habitat. "That is a very strange-looking mustache."
"Not that," Private said, pointing toward Marlene. "That."
Marlene was peeking out from behind the can to see when it was clear enough around her to advance. "Calamari!" Skipper exclaimed. "We all know not to
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 2 0
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Need Help?'
Judy looked up from her phone. "Good morning, Nick," she said as her partner arrived in the ZPD bullpen. She moved over a little to her right.
"Good morning, Carrots," Nick said. He took a sip of his coffee and sat down on the chair they shared.
Judy closed the app she was looking at. She then saw the date on the calendar app icon and was reminded of something. "Hey, Nick," she said as she put the phone in her pocket, "tomorrow's the fifteenth. I could come over tonight if you still need help multiplying."
Nick's eyes widened. His red fur almost couldn't hide his sudden blush. "Uh, Carrots, I've only known you for a few months, and I don't think that's possible anyway. I think we'd have to adopt."
The rabbit tilted her head. "Huh?" Confusion wrinkled her brow more than time had wrinkled her grandmother's. "What's not possible? What are we adopting?"
"Umm . . ." So she wasn't talking about that. This was awkward. "Did I say adopt? Heh-heh. I meant a dock.
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 4 2
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Discretion'
"Got one! Finally!" Judy said as she held the speed gun out the window of the cruiser. It had been a particularly slow day enforcing the speed limit—literally, as every driver had seemed to be obeying it. Until now.
"Come on, Carrots," Nick said. "Pulling someone over for going three miles an hour over the speed limit? This guy isn't exactly Flash."
"Would you rather we ask Bogo to put us on parking duty?"
Nick chuckled. There was nothing worse than parking duty. "The speeder it is!" he said as he pointed up the road. He put his sunglasses on.
Judy shifted the cruiser into drive and turned on the lights and siren. She drove about twice the speed limit to catch up.
No chase ensued; the driver of the yellow pickup truck pulled over upon seeing the cruiser in his rearview mirror. Just another routine traffic stop, it seemed. "Coming?" Judy asked her partner as she opened her door.
"Nah," he replied as he shook his head. "I don't think you need backup right next to you unless
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 7 8
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'The Back'
"That's our cruiser on the left," Judy said as she walked with Nick in the parking lot of police vehicles next to the precinct. Chief Bogo had just assigned them to shut down a street racer in Savanna Central. "Ready for your first assignment as a Zootopia police officer?"
"Sure am, Carrots," Nick said. "Let's do this."
When they reached the back of the cruiser, Judy walked to the left to get in the driver's side. After she sat down, she turned to her partner, but he was not in the passenger seat. "Nick?"
She then heard the back hatch open and turned around. "Nick?" she said to him through the partition that usually separated the law enforcers from the lawbreakers. "Nick? What are you doing?"
It took her a second, but it came to her. She laughed. "Nick, get up here with me! You don't have to ride in the back of police cars anymore!"
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 6 3
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'The Police Academy'
Gazelle's latest hit began to play in Judy's pocket. Judy took out her smartphone and answered the call. "Hey, Nick! I was just thinking about you! How was your first day at the police academy?"
Nick sighed. "Much more difficult than I had expected. It was a real struggle to get through the day."
Judy recalled how hard her own first day at the academy had been. The drill instructor polar bear must not have thought Nick had what it took to be a cop either. "Don't let anything get you down, Nick. The first few days are the hardest. You have to stay strong."
"I don't know if I can. I'm thinking about coming home."
Judy was silent for a moment. It hurt her that her friend was having such a rough time. She wished she could be there with him. "No, don't do that," she said softly. "I know it's hard. But I believe in you."
Nick smiled. "Thanks, Carrots. That means a lot to me. But I just don't know if I can survive at a place that doesn't serve blueberries in the cafeteria."
"Wait. This is abo
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 7 2
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Partner'
Nick swallowed his last spoonful of blueberry ice cream. "OK, Carrots," he said as he sat with his partner inside Jumbeaux's Café, which was now serving mammals of all sizes and species, "I think it's time for me to tell you why I really asked you to come here."
"Besides it being our lunch break and we always eat together?" Judy licked a drip of strawberry ice cream that was running down her cone. "Hmm. Could it be that the twenty dollars I spent on that popsicle when we first met here has been eating away at you for a while, and you want to clear your conscience by treating me to a treat?"
Nick chuckled. "Twenty dollars?" He pointed his spoon at the bunny. "You are sly. It was only fifteen—you chose not to ask for change." He smiled. "But yes, that's part of the reason. But there's a little more."
"OK," Judy said. "What is it?"
"Well," Nick continued, "I know we've only known each other for a few months, but I think these have been the most exciting months of
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 8 2
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Disturbing the Peace'
After Duke Weaselton had been arrested by Chief Bogo for pickpocketing at Gazelle's concert, his bootleg movie business was discovered and shut down. As part of the investigation, Bogo assigned Nick and Judy to watch the DVDs he had seized to see how much the films infringed on the intellectual property rights of Wolf Disney Studios. They started watching at the precinct but were later given permission to take the DVDs home and report back the next day.
"Well that film was otterly ridiculous," Nick said to Judy as the end credits of the otter-centric Floatzen 2 began to roll. The two had met up at Nick's apartment after their shift had ended in the evening to continue watching the films together. "But still better than Birdtopia, right, Carrots?"
Judy didn't respond. Nick turned to her and quickly saw why. "Aww, you bunnies are so adorable when you sleep." He watched her for a moment, her chest gently rising and falling, an ear flopped over her eyes to shield the l
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 2 5
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Three Minutes'
"Nick! Nick! Thank God you're OK!" Clawhauser said as Nick entered the precinct after the morning's terrible shooting. "Tell me honestly—will Judy survive?"
Nick had a face like a soldier who had witnessed the wipeout of his entire squad. "I don't know," he said, his voice full of pain and worry. "She is in extremely critical condition. Two bullets got her in the abdomen just below her vest and another in the shoulder."
The cheetah sighed. "Poor Judy." A tear fell onto the donut he had lost his appetite for when he had first learned that Judy was down.
"How are things going with the interrogation?" Nick asked. "Did the accomplice give up any information about the gunman yet?"
Clawhauser shook his head. "Wolford, McHorn, and the chief himself all tried, but he isn't saying a word."
Nick clenched his paws. His blood began coursing with livid heat and his whole body throbbed. "Then I'm getting answers out of him myself. No one gets away with hurting Judy."
With that, Nick left the f
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 11 8
Zootopia Scenes and Shorts: 'Thick Wallet'
"Can I get you anything else?" the otter waitress asked as she returned to her guests' table at Skipper's Diner in Bunnyburrow.
Stu Hopps turned to his wife, who shook her head, and then looked across the table to Judy and Nick, Judy's partner at the ZPD, whom he and his wife were meeting for the first time. He looked back to the waitress. "No thank you, Marlene. Check, please."
Marlene left the check on the table and then went to see if her next table needed anything.
Better off now that he was earning honest money, Nick reached for the check, but Stu beat him to it. "No, no, let me pay," Stu said. "You're a guest here in Bunnyburrow."
"Thank you," Nick said. "But I owe you next time you're in Zootopia."
After calculating the tip in his head—easily, as he was good at multiplying—Stu took out his wallet.
Nick's eyes widened. "Now that's a thick wallet. If I had known there was that much money in carrot farming, I might have chosen a different path at age twelve."
Stu laughe
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 6 2
Dibble Us! by SJF-Penguin Dibble Us! :iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 10 1 Flight 93 Memorial: Crash Site Boulder by SJF-Penguin Flight 93 Memorial: Crash Site Boulder :iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 4 0 Flight 93 Memorial: Wall of Names Up Close by SJF-Penguin Flight 93 Memorial: Wall of Names Up Close :iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 3 0 Flight 93 Memorial: Wall of Names by SJF-Penguin Flight 93 Memorial: Wall of Names :iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 1 0
Getting Into Character
Author's note: After having the idea for this Penguins of Madagascar story for several months, I finally decided to start writing it in December 2012. I would have liked to publish it on as well, but I am unable to do so because my story contains a few non-fictional people. I suppose this could be considered my first "real-person fiction" story, though I prefer to think of it as a unique hybrid. You'll soon see why. Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction and is intended for entertainment only. All dialogue, opinions, and plot events are the invention of the author.
Burbank, California
Spring 2013
It was the start of another routine day at Nickelodeon. "All right, gentlemen," the producer said as he walked into a large room where four men sat waiting to begin work, "we're ready for you."
"Remind me which episode we're recording today," said Tom, one of the four men, as he and the other voice actors got up from their
:iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 9 27
Elvis the African Penguin by SJF-Penguin Elvis the African Penguin :iconsjf-penguin:SJF-Penguin 5 9


I Will Survive-19 by borba
Mature content
I Will Survive-19 :iconborba:borba 287 267
I Will Survive - 05 by borba
Mature content
I Will Survive - 05 :iconborba:borba 422 177
Naps by TheWinterBunny Naps :iconthewinterbunny:TheWinterBunny 1,719 325 Zootopia Strip #4 - Sly Fox by RobertFiddler Zootopia Strip #4 - Sly Fox :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 564 122 Zootopia Hats by Pen-Mark Zootopia Hats :iconpen-mark:Pen-Mark 658 51 Zootopia - Player 2 by Pen-Mark Zootopia - Player 2 :iconpen-mark:Pen-Mark 996 132 Zootopia - Snow Bunny by Pen-Mark Zootopia - Snow Bunny :iconpen-mark:Pen-Mark 315 34 Sly bunny by Dexter01992 Sly bunny :icondexter01992:Dexter01992 953 173 Mice are not amused. by Dexter01992 Mice are not amused. :icondexter01992:Dexter01992 1,320 137 Zootopia - Bumble Bee by Pen-Mark Zootopia - Bumble Bee :iconpen-mark:Pen-Mark 139 17 Zootopia - An Adventure in Zootropolis P01 by RobertFiddler Zootopia - An Adventure in Zootropolis P01 :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 197 25 A Funny Joke by borba A Funny Joke :iconborba:borba 508 137 Tears of Comfort by Battouga-Sharingan Tears of Comfort :iconbattouga-sharingan:Battouga-Sharingan 324 91 Zootopia Strip #3 - Cadet Wilde 2 by RobertFiddler Zootopia Strip #3 - Cadet Wilde 2 :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 714 137 Zootopia Strip #2 - Cadet Wilde by RobertFiddler Zootopia Strip #2 - Cadet Wilde :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 1,439 189 Zootopia Strip - Meet the Hopps by RobertFiddler Zootopia Strip - Meet the Hopps :iconrobertfiddler:RobertFiddler 1,892 299


My two-chapter fanfic Off the Shelf, which is now complete, is, sadly, the last fanfic I plan to write for the Penguins of Madagascar fandom. After nearly eight years(!) of writing for PoM, publishing a total of twenty-one works (mostly on only), I feel my best, most practicable ideas have all been exhausted. Additionally, as I noticed even two years ago when I published Operation: Fluffy Pink Sugar, the vast majority of the fandom has, sadly, dried up. A consequence of time that even Kowalski would have trouble stopping.

But I'm not done with fan fiction. I think there is still gas in my Zootopia tank, though I'm not going to announce anything right now. After that, who knows?

Thanks for the memories all these PoM years!

  • I Can't Set Foot in Denmark (2009)
  • Paging Doctor Skipper (2009)
  • "Mad, Mad Rico Blue" (2009)
  • A Chance Encounter (2009)
  • One Hundred Days of Drabbles (2009)
  • Freedom Isn't Free (2009)
  • Election Day (2009)
  • Life After Love (2009)
  • Operation: Home Sweet Home (2010)
  • One Hundred Days of Drabbles: Double Time! (2010)
  • A Skilene-Filled September (2010)
  • Injustice (2010)
  • East of Nowhere (2011)
  • Hepatic Hero (2011)
  • Paths Unknown (2011)
  • Beyond DNA (2012)
  • La Mademoiselle (2012)
  • Getting Into Character (2013)
  • Operation: Short Stories (2013)
  • Operation: Fluffy Pink Sugar (2015)
  • Off the Shelf (2017)


SJF-Penguin's Profile Picture
Classified J. Classified
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United States

As artists go, writing is my field of expertise and photography is an occasional hobby; I don't really create art beyond that. However, I do come to DeviantArt usually a handful of times each month to view and comment on others' art, primarily focusing on fan art for The Penguins of Madagascar and Zootopia. Upon occasion, I also submit selections from my fan fiction works, though I mostly just publish fan fiction on under the penname GrandOldPenguin.

Name: Classified J. Classified (well, at least the "J" part is real)
Location: Connecticut
Political party: Republican
Religion: Christianity
Bats/throws: Right/right
Music preferences: Generally conservative in music tastes, including classic rock, country, and some pop. I'm also a fan of various songs that have been hits throughout the decades from a variety of artists and genres.
Favorite photographer: Well, I did buy a Pentax K100D DSLR back in 2007
Favorite style of art: No style in particular. Simply, I'll know good art when I see it.
Favorite cartoon character: Skipper (The Penguins of Madagascar)
Personal quote: Life, Liberty, and The Penguins of Madagascar

Other accounts:
   • (GrandOldPenguin)
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Fan fiction writing and publishing status:
   • 5/27/17: Today I am announcing some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I will soon be publishing a new Penguins of Madagascar story, one that I first started working on in August 2015 before largely stepping away from for a while. The story is short, around 7,400 words, and it will be released in two chapters. Each chapter will be published on separate days in June (exact dates to be determined). The bad news is that this story will be my last planned Penguins of Madagascar story. After nearly eight years of writing about the show, publishing twenty other PoM works (most exclusively to, I feel my best, most practicable ideas have all been exhausted. Additionally, as I noticed even two years ago when I published Operation: Fluffy Pink Sugar, the vast majority of the fandom has, sadly, dried up. I will never say that I will never write a PoM fanfic again, but I do not realistically expect to. (As for Zootopia, I do expect to do more, but I'm not ready to make any announcements yet.)
   • 6/13/17: Both chapters of Off the Shelf are now available on DeviantArt! Enjoy!

Possible Zootopia Scenes and Shorts extension (3/4/17): I am considering (45 percent chance) extending Zootopia Scenes and Shorts beyond the eight installments I published in 2016. This would be unprecedented because I have never opened back up any fanfic project I marked as "complete," nor have I ever published installments/chapters of any work in two different years. If I do it, I do not know yet when I would publish more installments, but it wouldn't be for several more months.

Penguins of Madagascar Divider 1 by CoolNG90 Penguins of Madagascar Divider 2 by CoolNG90
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🐧 The Cup still belongs to Pittsburgh! The Penguins are repeat Stanley Cup champs! 🐧
I never thought I'd write fan fiction for anything but The Penguins of Madagascar. But then I watched Zootopia and decided to take Gazelle's advice to "try everything."


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